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NATO is worried about Russia

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stressed that the growing cooperation between Russia and China is a “serious challenge” and expressed the alliance’s grave concern about cooperation between Russia and Belarus.
“We note that Russia and China are increasingly cooperating in the recent period in the political and military spheres,” Stoltenberg said.
He added, “The two countries carry out joint exercises, long-range flights of combat aircraft and naval operations, and they share extensively their expertise in the field of weapons and Internet censorship.”
In statements to “Welt an Sonntag” as well, the NATO Secretary-General stated that the members of the alliance are deeply concerned about cooperation between Russia and Belarus, noting that they “are closely following what is happening in Belarus.”
The Secretary-General stressed that the alliance is committed to a “dual approach” to Russia, consisting of “containment and dialogue”.
These statements come days before the NATO summit, which will be held at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels on June 14.
In recent years, Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about the unprecedented activity of NATO along its western borders and the build-up of Allied forces in Europe.

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