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Nancy Ajram’s family celebrates a special occasion

The Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram shared with her audience on the “Instagram” pictures of her celebration with her husband and daughters on the occasion of the birthday of her youngest daughter, Leah, who has completed her second year.

The photos show special preparations made by Nancy Ajram on the occasion of her daughter’s birthday, and her husband, the Lebanese dentist, Fadi Al-Hashem, blew out the birthday cake candles with his daughter in the presence of her mother and sisters Mila and Ella.

On that occasion, Nancy Ajram described her daughter Leah as “the joy of the house” and that she is “the little bright star in her family.” Attending the birthday party of Nancy Ajram’s daughter was restricted to family members only because of the circumstances imposed by the spread of the new “Corona” virus.

Pictures of Nancy Ajram’s family’s celebration of the birthday of her youngest daughter Leah are close to garnering a million views, and social media users have shared a video clip of Nancy Ajram’s younger daughter Lea, who is dancing at her birthday party alongside her two sisters.


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