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Nadine Najim is a new series and its relationship to the Beirut explosion

Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim started filming her new series Salon Hara, in which she returned to collaborate with the artist Moatasem An-Nahar after their success together in the five and a half series that was shown in 2019.
Salon Zahra will consist of only 15 episodes, and for the first time, Nadine Najim will present a comedy series written by Nadine Jaber, who revealed the details of the work.
Jaber confirmed that the artist Moatasem Nahar offers a new role in the series that he has not presented before, as well as Nadine Najim, who will play the role of a girl who enjoys lightness.
Nadine Jaber revealed the details of exploiting the scars and wounds that Nadine Njeim suffered in her face after the Beirut explosion, indicating that the idea was presented at the beginning when the scars were clear.
She added that Nadine Njeim has now recovered and does not suffer from any wounds, which prompted the series’ team to abandon the idea and cancel it, denying highlighting the Beirut explosion within the events of the Zahra Salon series.

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