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 Mustafa Al-Agha’s house is crowded with stars

Syrian star Laura Abu Asaad crossed her official account on the social networking site Instagram, a picture accompanied by a number of Syrian drama stars at the home of the journalist Mustafa Al-Agha.
Nazli Al-Rawas Maysoon Abu Asaad Saif al-Din Subaie, Suzan Najm al-Din, and Laura Abu Asaad, who commented on the picture: “The best place with the best scientist in Bayt Al-Karam Abu Karam Al-Ghali and his wonderful wife May Al-Khatib.

The two artists Nazli Al Rawas and Daniela Rahma had published a set of photos and video clips with the journalist Mustafa Al Agha and his wife, and Nazli and Daniela appeared talking with Mustafa and his wife, where Nazli said: “Mustafa is lucky that he has all the colors of hair .. in reference to the color of her hair and Daniela’s hair. And his wife Mai Al-Khatib felt. “

Meanwhile, Mustafa replied with the phrase “Umm Karmo killed me, referring to my character in the series” Ali Saneh Hot “and confirms that she will be accompanied by Daniela as two guests on his program tomorrow, Wednesday, and concludes with the phrase” If I lost my life. “

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