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Moscow: We received an explanation from Khartoum

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov stated that the Russian embassy in Khartoum had received clarifications from Sudan regarding its reconsideration of the decision to establish a logistics center for the Russian Navy on its coast.

In December 2020, Russia and Sudan signed an agreement to establish a logistics center for the Russian Navy in Sudan, where the agreement indicated that “the maximum number of Russian military personnel at a naval point in Sudan will not exceed 300 people, and that a maximum of four Russian ships can be placed in same time inside the centre.

In early June, the Sudanese Chief of Staff, Muhammad Othman Al-Hussein, announced “Sudan’s intention to review the agreements with Russia regarding the naval base.”

He said: “Since the signing of the agreement under the previous regime, it has not been ratified by the Legislative Council, as it requires approval procedures for international treaties, and that Sudan has the opportunity to make amendments and changes taking into account the interests of the country.”

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