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Moscow announces monitoring of 23 attacks in Syria

Deputy Director of the Hmeimim Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Marine Major General Vyacheslav Sitnik, announced the monitoring of 23 attacks from the territories of the “Al-Nusra Front” militants, including 13 targeting sites inside Idlib governorate, 5 in Aleppo, 3 in Hama, and 2 in Lattakia.

However, Sitnik said, no violations of the ceasefire regime were recorded in the region by the illegal armed formations loyal to Turkey.

Pointing out that the Russian Military Police carried out patrols on two roads in Aleppo, in addition to an Air Force patrol.

In his statement, the deputy director of the Hmeimim Center called on all leaders of the illegal armed formations active in the Idlib region to de-escalate the situation to abandon any hostilities and move forward towards a peaceful settlement in the territories it occupies.


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