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Morocco announces thwarting “secret migration”

The Moroccan authorities announced that the police had thwarted an illegal immigration operation in the port of Agadir, where the judicial police in the city of Agadir managed to thwart the operation, and arrested 4 persons suspected of being involved in organizing illegal immigration and human trafficking.

A statement by the General Directorate of National Security indicated that “the suspects were arrested at the fishing port in Agadir while they were in flagrante delicto while trying to deport 20 illegal immigration candidates on board a fishing boat.”

He added, “The candidates for illegal immigration arrested in this case have different nationalities, including Moroccan citizens and 9 others with Egyptian and Yemeni nationalities.”

He continued, “The inspection process resulted in the seizure of 6 life jackets, mobile phones, and sums of money in national and foreign currencies.”

The directorate affirmed that all those arrested were subjected to investigation, with the aim of uncovering all the circumstances and circumstances of the case, and identifying all potential extensions and connections to this network.

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