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More than 160 victims of a river flood in India

Sudden floods caused by the collapse of a huge glacier in the Shamuli region of Uttarakhand province in India led to the loss of about 150 people, while 10 bodies were recovered, according to an unlimited outcome, and relief teams evacuated thousands of people.

According to Indian sources, the missing, who are feared to have died by drowning, are for the most part workers who were carrying out an electric power project in the region when the avalanche caused the rise of the Dawolgana River and the strength of its water current, which swept all that fell along its path.

electric power company said that contact with its workers, who were in the area, was not until now, and the electric power plant project suffered great damage.

And local security sources confirmed that the river’s water flooded several homes located on the banks, and bodies of the shipwrecked were seen floating on the water.


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