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message from Ronaldo to his fans on occasion of his birthday

On the occasion of his 36th birthday, the Portuguese soccer star and the Italian club Juventus player, Cristiano Ronaldo, shared a picture with his girlfriend, Georgina, and their children on the “Instagram” site, as they all stood around his birthday cake, and wrote with her: “36 years old, it’s unbelievable! It feels like it all began yesterday, but this journey is really full of adventures and stories to remember: my first ball, my first team, and my first goal … time flies by!

Ronaldo thanked his fans, saying: “From Madeira to Lisbon, from Lisbon to Manchester, from Manchester to Madrid, and from Madrid to Turin, but above all from the depths of my heart to the world … I have given my everything, and I have never backed away, I have tried Always to present the best possible version of me. In return you gave me your love, admiration, unconditional presence and support for me, and for this I would never be able to thank you enough, I would not have achieved this without you. “

He added, “While I celebrate my 36th and 20th birthday as a professional soccer player, I regret that I cannot promise you another 20 years of this, but what I can promise you is that as long as I keep working, you will not receive less than 100% performance from me!”


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