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Mental health from birth


The mental health of a newborn child is not limited to preparing his nervous and immune system before his birth, as we mentioned in the last issue, but rather completes the task of parents in the stage of incubation of the newborn child and qualifies him to receive the childhood stage naturally and away from psychological accidents that may lead the child in one way or another to be vulnerable to mental illness, Mental and physical. In short, we will discuss the questions that we received after the last issue was presented, which we may not be able to fully cover in this issue, so we will be keen to provide all the information you need in the next issues.

The child’s non-permanent and unjustified crying and crying, especially in the first weeks, may be just an occasional matter that soon disappears after the child adapts to the external environment, but if the child continues to cry without a health reason, this may be a result of the tension that was surrounding the child by the parents and the external environment So, by crying, the baby expresses the amounts of stress he experienced while a fetus.

Often we see the child’s stress and clear, especially after the first months, because he wants to express and does not have the appropriate way except for unjustified crying and complaining, as we see at the same time the remarkable calm of other children.

New research has proven the connection of this calmness to the prenatal stage, which we have previously explained about in the last issue, so the child’s calm or frequent crying, the baby sleeping for enough hours or the lack of sleep, and other problems experienced by parents are a result of the awareness of the surrounding environment of the fetus and the extent Preparing parents for a fetus incubator.

Conceiving a child is not an absurd matter and a fateful outcome, rather it is the result of a mature and conscious decision on the part of both parties, and they must study this decision and prepare the appropriate preparation for it. This defect is the result of psychological accidents that lead to the birth of generations in the majority of them have an unstable life, and consequently an anxious childhood, stressful adolescence, and tense youth lead to a sick future if not a handicapped future, and so our followers we have to focus that the unjustified complaint by the child is a result of the mistakes of adults and their lack of awareness. Because of the importance of their decision and their role as a foster environment and affecting the child’s life and future.

How to complete the role of parents after the birth of the fetus: The role of parents does not end, but the childhood stage is of great importance in the lives of our children because it is the most important foundation stage on which future life depends and because of the importance of this stage, we will begin to provide you with all the information in the next issue and we will communicate with you daily soon via the printed and audio sites The new visual…. Wait for us soon

Dr. Fadi Al-Yazji

Fadi Al-Yazji :Psychologist

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