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Menna Shalaby flirting with Hanan Turk

The artist, Menna Shalaby, sent a touching message to her friend, the retired artist, Hanan Turk, in which she expressed her lack of her. Hanan responded to the message immediately, but the audience left this mutual flirtation between the two friends and stopped in front of Menna’s choice of a picture that she collected in the latter before wearing the veil and considered it inappropriate.
Menna had posted the photo through her Twitter account, and most likely it was taken during the filming of the movie “The Sweetest Times”, which she collected tenderly and Hind Sabri, and commented on her tweeting: I miss you, and always in the heart, love.

Hanan Turk immediately responded, saying: My love, Manju… I miss you. May God bless you in Mama and her health, and make your heart happy, O Lord, to follow Menna Shalabi, saying: And do not deprive me of the purest and most cosmopolitan, clean his companion and sister, and bless you in the age of your children, your husband, and your hands. Health and bless you.
It is noteworthy that today, Menna is facing a new challenge with the start of the second part of the series “Les Laa”, and Menna Shalaby discusses in “Les La 2” the issue of adoption, and reviews the difficulties she faces in addition to her relationship with the child,
The latest series, “Les La”, revolves in 15 episodes, starring Menna Shalaby, Ahmed Hatem, Sarah Abdel Rahman and others, and written by a narration workshop under the supervision of scriptwriter Mariam Naoum, and the idea of ​​​​a script and dialogue by Dina Najm, and co-writing the episodes Salma Abdel Wahab and Ragia Hassan.
In a related context, director Maryam Abu Auf explained that the series discusses a number of issues related to girls and women in general, noting that she has started editing the first episodes of the second part of her series “Why La”.


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