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“Marathon against Corona in Lebanon

This morning, Saturday morning, the “vaccination marathon” against the Corona virus with the “AstraZeneca” vaccine began in all Lebanese regions.

The Lebanese Ministry of Health indicated that since the early hours of the morning, there was a massive demand for vaccination centers against Corona virus, with the “AstraZeneca” vaccine.
The Lebanese Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, received the “AstraZeneca” vaccine against the Coronavirus.
In a plan to encourage Lebanese citizens to receive the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, the Ministry of Health announced the “AstraZeneca Marathon”, which began on Saturday from 8 am and will continue until 6 pm, in a number of approved vaccination centers.
The Lebanese Minister of Health, Hamad Hassan, revealed a few days ago that the ministry is studying the death of a citizen after receiving the “AstraZeneca” vaccine, and is verifying information on the death of eight other citizens who received vaccinations from other companies.

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