Magical benefits of watermelon … secret of choosing it !!

Nutritionists advise eating watermelon,

especially with high air temperatures, which helps to moisturize the body, given that it contains a large percentage of water, as it strengthens the immune system, and helps in losing weight because it is rich in water and fibers that limit the appetite.

According to experts, the method of selecting watermelon plays the main role in its benefits, and they advised when buying it to choose a fruit that has a stable and symmetrical shape and does not contain wounds or scratches with a shiny peel and a large yellow spot, which indicates that it spent enough time in ripening (the white spot indicates its immaturity. enough).

Also, a ripe melon makes a deep sound when struck with the hand, but if its sound is hollow, it is likely to be overripe, and the lines of a ripe watermelon are usually slightly protruding, similar to swollen veins


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