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losses of Syrian oil sector exceed $ 90 billion

During a discussion of the performance of his ministry in front of the Syrian parliament members, Syrian Oil Minister Bassam Tohme announced that the losses of the oil sector since the beginning of the crisis amounted to 91.5 billion dollars, and that 60% of the Syrians have not received their allocations from heating oil until now ..

Tohme added that the direct losses incurred by the equipment in the oil sector amounted to 19.3 billion dollars. He said that 3 billion was the value of the damage caused by the American-led coalition aviation, while the indirect losses amounted to 72 billion dollars, according to his statements.

Tohme added that Syria’s daily oil production last year amounted to 89,000 barrels, and said that 80,000 of them were “stolen, meaning that all of the eastern region’s production was stolen.”

According to the Syrian minister about the state of disparity and injustice in the distribution of diesel between the provinces, saying that “the greatest injustice in distributing the material was in the large governorates. In Damascus, only 20% of families benefited from diesel, and 26% in its countryside, and in Aleppo 18%, while the distribution rate reached 18%.” 93% in As-Suwayda.


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