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List of least corrupt countries in world

The Transparency International report, which is issued periodically annually, revealed that Scandinavian countries publish the list of least corrupt countries in the world for the year 2020, while European countries dominated the first positions.

According to the organization’s Corruption Perceptions Report for 2020, corruption has undermined health care systems in light of the Corona pandemic.

The report indicated that the countries that performed well in its index invested more in health care and were more able to provide comprehensive health coverage.

The index included 180 countries and territories, the most corrupt of which are Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen and Venezuela.

Arab countries such as the UAE ranked 21, Saudi Arabia ranked 52, and Egypt ranked 117.

According to the list, the least corrupt countries were ranked as follows: 1- New Zealand, Denmark

3- Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, 7- Norway, 8- Netherlands, 9- Luxembourg, Germany.


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