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Lethal Russian weapons stir American fears

American newspapers published five impressive examples of Russian military equipment that was recently exhibited at the Victory Parade in Moscow’s Red Square.

The report specialist said that some models of Russian weapons are not only equal to the best weapons from NATO, but also superior to them.
Russian tanks received special appreciation in the report, especially the BMPT-15, which has no analogues in NATO, and this modern Russian tank was described as a combination of an infantry fighting vehicle and an armored personnel carrier.
The report also sheds light on the “Yaris” ICBM, which experts say is superior to its predecessor, the Russian “Topol” missiles.
The report stated that the “Yaris” missile system is equipped with at least three independent warheads, in contrast to the warhead, which weighs only 800 kilotons in the original “Topol-M” missile system.
The specialist also won his admiration for the Russian “Uran” drone, the supersonic missile “Kingal” and the “S-400” Triumph air defense system.
The focus and attention in the report was on the “Kingal” missile, as the author believed that it could threaten US air defenses, because this missile, given its tremendous speed and maneuverability, threatens not only US military assets such as aircraft carrier groups, but can also penetrate US Missile Defense Network. “

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