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Lebanon holds electricity ships !!

In the context of an

investigation into possible suspicions of corruption worth millions of dollars, the Lebanese judiciary decided to detain Turkish ships providing it with electric power and prevent it from leaving the Lebanese coast, amid growing fears among the Lebanese that the summer season will approach as the pressure on the electric service increases, while the cooperation of energy ships with Lebanon may falter. He failed to pay $ 100 million of the delayed funds in favor of the “Cardinis” company since last year, noting that the agreement concluded between the two parties ends in September. The Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ali Ibrahim, asked several ministries and various security agencies, including the army, to implement the decision, which includes a request addressed to the Ministry of Finance to not pay any dues to the Turkish “Carpower Ship” company, which is responsible for power ships that provide about 40% of the need. Lebanon has electricity, along with the Turkish company, “Cardeniz”. The announced decision aims to “guarantee the state’s rights to collect the penalty clause signed with 25 million US dollars in the event of verification of the payment of commissions,” a suspicion that may affect senior Lebanese officials if proven, in what is called in Lebanon the “ships deal” that began providing electricity Since 2013. Noting that the decision does not constitute an indictment yet, but it is a guarantee that allows the Lebanese authorities to pursue the investigation that they began months ago and arrested several people on suspicion of bribes paid upon renewing the contract between the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and the two companies

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