Learn foods and habits that are most harmful to bones

Time and time again, the health news confirmed that the effect of the individual’s diet is reflected in his health, whether positively or negatively. In a new report, the “WebMD” website revealed the foods and habits that cause severe damage to the health of the bones of the body.

According to the reports, foods and habits that negatively affect bone health are as follows:


Too much salt:

The more a person consumes salt, the more calcium the body gets rid of, which negatively affects bone health.


Sitting for long periods of time

Sitting for long periods causes weak bones and subsequent pain, so it is recommended to move 10 minutes every sitting hour to maintain bone health.


Avoid exposure to the sun

Exposure to sunlight helps the skin and joints absorb vitamin “D”, which is known for its nutritional value in forming and strengthening bones, which means that not exposure to sunlight harms the bones of the body.


Too much alcohol

Excessive alcohol intake limits the body’s absorption of the mineral calcium, which promotes bone health. This applies to soft or sugar-rich drinks, or to drinking lots of coffee and tea.



Regular inhaling cigarette smoke prevents the body from creating new healthy bone tissue easily, which has a negative impact on bone health.


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