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largest fraud in history of Turkey

Days after

the Turkish Central Bank decided to ban the use of currencies and digital assets in the purchase of goods and services, Turkish media revealed that the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange “Thodex”, Faruk Fatih Ozer, fled the country with about two billion dollars.

Oguz Afren Kilic, a lawyer for one of the investor victims, suggested that Ozer had gone to Thailand, considering the incident as “the biggest fraud in the country’s history.”

KILIC explained that the number of investor victims is about 391,000 people out of 400,000 accounts, 9,000 of which are inactive accounts.

Attorney General’s office for the Asian part of Istanbul opened an investigation against Ozer and his company for fraud, while the police raided the company’s headquarters in Kadikoy, and the Attorney General’s office imposed secrecy over the case.

Investigations revealed that Ozer closed his social media accounts and traveled to the Albanian capital, Tirana, via Istanbul airport on April 20.

While Ozer published a statement denying all the charges against him, saying that the volume of all cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey does not reach two billion dollars


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