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Lack of sleep can kill you

Part 1

Not getting enough sleep may destroy your mental immunity if you do not receive proper treatment.

Between stress and lack of sleep is a close relationship because stress does not allow you to sleep enough, and not sleeping for enough hours (7 to 8 hours) makes you a mobile mass of tension because the lack of sleep manipulates your mood and your ability to think and focus as well as make you make hasty decisions and in many Sometimes violent attitudes towards people and disabilities.

Many studies have confirmed that those who suffer from lack of sleep are more likely to suffer from clinical psychological anxiety, as some others suffer from symptoms of depression that begin gradually and then control a person’s thoughts because the lack of sleep makes the brain in a state of fatigue, so the brain in turn translates emotions and thoughts Wrong way, as the effort exerted by the brain to try to focus makes memory weak, and thus a person may lose his self-confidence and gradually turn away from friends and commit to unity.

Therefore, do not act with lack of sleep carelessly and consult your specialist doctor before symptoms develop and become in a dangerous area from which it is difficult to get out.

… Stay tuned for the impact of lack of sleep on humans and the physical and mental illness it causes

Janette Alkousa

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