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Know the benefits of the sun away from its blow

Despite the health damage caused by sunlight, especially during the peak period, there are many benefits of exposure to the sun during the morning period

The sun contains vitamin D, which promotes the health of muscles and joints and protects them from infections

Exposure to sunlight in the morning reduces the risk of cancerous diseases, including stomach, bladder, and colon cancer.

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis

Exposure to the sun enhances the health of the nervous system and memory, and reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s

Sunlight keeps the heart healthy and protects it from strokes and other health problems

It enhances the psychological state and increases the feeling of happiness and relaxation

Exposure to sunlight helps promote skin health because it contains vitamin D, but it is recommended not to be exposed for long periods of time
Exposing the child to the sun in the morning helps him grow and build muscles in a healthy way

Exposure to the sun is good for health, but it is recommended not to be exposed for a long time or during the peak, so as not to expose the skin to darkening and inflammation

The right way to take advantage of the sun’s rays for the skin
• Doctors recommend daily and direct exposure to the sun, in the early morning hours, that is, before the peak hours, which extends between eleven in the afternoon and four in the afternoon.
• The best time for exposure to the sun is between ten minutes and fifteen minutes, three times a week
• Warns against exposure to the sun for long periods; To avoid the damages caused by ultraviolet rays, which are skin darkening, skin pigmentation, melasma and freckles
• Drink a large amount of water to replace the fluids we lose during the day as a result of perspiration
• Wear light clothing, and a hat on the head
• Use sunscreen on the skin on a regular basis, and wear sunglasses
• Avoid using any product that causes darkening of the skin, such as tanning products


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