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Japan officially announces the new crown prince

In the last episode of celebrations, Japan revealed the crown prince, officially declaring Prince Akishino as crown prince, after his older brother Naruhito became emperor of the country last year after their father abdicated the throne.

According to reports, these celebrations were scheduled to take place last April, but the Corona pandemic prevented that, and it also led to its reduction due to the spread of the virus in Japan.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation quoted the new crown prince Akishino as saying to the audience: “I am thinking deeply about the responsibility of the crown prince and I will perform my duties.”

It is noteworthy that Japanese law allows only males to inherit the throne, so the only descendants of Naruhito, Princess Aiko, 18 years old, are considered under Japanese law ineligible to inherit the throne, and efforts to amend the law lost their momentum when Akishino’s wife gave birth to a son in 2006. .

Akishino, 54, is one of only three heirs to the throne, along with Hisahito, 14, and Prince Hitachi, 84, the younger brother of Emperor Akihito, who stepped down last year in Japan’s first abdication in two centuries.

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