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Is Netanyahu bid farewell to the rule of Israel?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rivals are seeking to form a coalition government and topple Netanyahu from ruling Israel 12 years after his inauguration.
Netanyahu’s rival, Naftali Bennett, leader of the Yemeni-Israeli “Right” party, said that he “will work to include the leader of the opposition, Yair Lapid, to form a unity government in Israel.”
Bennett added, “All parties are invited to enter the formation of the government … We are faced with two options, either to establish a unity government or to go to the fifth elections.”
For his part, Netanyahu considered that Bennett and Lapid’s alliance to form a unity government would weaken Israel.
He said that the government resulting from this coalition will be a left-wing government, saying: “The government of the left is a threat to the future of Israel, and I call upon the deputies who were elected by the right not to allow the formation of a government for the left in Israel.”
He added, asking: “Think about what will happen in Iran, in Gaza and in Washington if a left-wing government is formed.”

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