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Iranian parliament: Rouhani accused of violating the constitution

The Iranian parliament voted by a majority of 182 deputies to consider President Hassan Rouhani as a violation of Articles 77 and 125 of the Iranian Constitution, and to transfer the file to the judiciary for an urgent decision.

Articles 77 and 125 of the constitution stipulate that parliament must vote on any international charter, agreement, contract or treaty before it can be signed by the Iranian president.
In April 2016, Rouhani’s government agreed to participate in the implementation of the UNESCO Education 2030 Document and set its own educational plan, calling it the “Islamic Republic of Iran’s National Document for Education 2030: Moving towards Quality Education and Lifelong Learning”, without referring to Parliament.
But in December 2016, when the National Commission for UNESCO, in the presence of the Minister of Education and the Minister of Science and Research in Rouhani’s government, unveiled the document, it sparked a lot of criticism from Iranian religious authorities, which led to a decision to cancel the implementation of the document by the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution in Iran.

The vote on referring the file of President Rouhani’s approval to implement the document comes months before the end of his government’s life, as the country is contesting the presidential elections on the eighteenth of this month, while Rouhani is not entitled to run for a third consecutive term.

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