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Iranian Foreign Ministry: Biden administration must implement Tehran’s conditions

Coinciding with the launch of the new US administration its work and reviewing the decisions taken by the previous administration and amid the talks circulating about Washington’s return to the nuclear agreement with Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif considered that “if a party has to impose conditions to return to the nuclear agreement then it is Iran, and the United States Which withdrew from the agreement to implement its conditions. “

Zarif added that: “The administration of US President Joe Biden is seeking to bypass the conditions created by the Trump administration without paying a price, and this is not possible,” considering that the Biden administration seeks Iran to pay the price for returning to the nuclear deal and “this will not happen.”

He continued: “The previous US administration made a mistake and wronged our people, and the new administration must compensate for that and bear responsibility.” He continued, “The conditions set by the Americans to return to the nuclear agreement, and the Biden administration should implement Iran’s conditions, according to the Iranian official’s statements.”


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