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Human Rights Watch: Ankara has arrested 63 Syrians and transferred them to Turkey for trial

“Human Rights Watch” accused Turkey and the Syrian armed factions loyal to it of arresting 63 citizens in northeastern Syria, and transferring them to Ankara for arbitrary trial on charges that may carry a life sentence.

Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Division Michael Page demanded: “The Turkish authorities, as the occupying power, respect the rights of the people under the occupation law in northeastern Syria, including the prohibition of arbitrary detention and transfer of people to its territory. Instead, Turkey violates its obligations under the Convention” Fourth Geneva, “as an occupying power by arresting these Syrian men and taking them to Turkey to face highly dubious and vague charges related to their alleged activity in Syria,” according to his statements …

According to the organization, “the men, who are Kurds and Arabs, were transferred to detention facilities in Turkey, where the prosecution authorities charged them under the Turkish penal code, despite the alleged crimes being committed in Syria.”


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