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How embarrassed a French child Macron?

A French child embarrassed President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the province of Lassum after the slap he received in the face from a citizen, during his visit to the municipality of Taine-L’Hermitage in the southeast of the country.
And the French newspaper “Le Figaro” revealed today, Thursday, that “during Macron’s visit to the French province of La Somme, the President of the French Republic had to answer an unexpected and slightly embarrassing question.”
And she continued: When Macron visited a school in the town of Bois de Picardy in the region, a student stopped him in front of television cameras and asked him, after he raised his finger asking for permission to speak: “Are you okay after the slap you received?”, in reference to the recent assault on Macron.
The chief smiled and replied, “Oh yeah, it’s okay, it wasn’t fun, and that’s not a good thing.”
Then he added to the child: “It is never good for someone to hit, even in the schoolyard, it is not good, and whoever slapped me was not right.”

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