Horoscope of the month – Aries

Features of Aries:

People born in Aries are distinguished by their loving personality, and they have many traits that make them different from the rest of the zodiac.


Famous Aries:

International artist Omar Sharif

Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy


Personal traits of a baby born in Aries:


Those born in this sign are distinguished by high self-confidence.

Aries people are natural leaders, as they naturally possess this trait.

They have a wonderful positive energy as well as are full of vitality and activity ..

They like to take on challenges and face them.

Among their negative qualities is that they are selfish people. They are completely ready to do anything in order to achieve their victory.

They like to get the full attention of others and get upset when they don’t find it.

They are provoked very easily, and they don’t know how to deal with their tantrums.


Aries man

The Aries man is distinguished by strength of character, audacity, ambition, impulsion, recklessness, enthusiasm, and vitality.

Being the first astrological sign, it likes to stay in the first place, and is always looking for attention and is characterized by stubbornness and obstinacy in its opinion.

He is committed to doing his work in the way he thinks, and refuses to submit to the opinions of others, or to accept their views.


Aries woman

The Aries female possesses qualities that are not carried by the other constellations, which are distinguished by her activity, and her continuous vitality, which extends for long times, noticed by everyone around her.

She chooses the most beautiful clothes and the finest perfumes, and on every occasion she appears with a new look.

Enthusiastic and optimistic about everything new, frank and clear, she does not need to follow convoluted ways, sincere in her love, as there is no room for another in her life or in her heart.


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