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Horeya Farghaly after the success of the nose transplant

Egyptian actress Houria Farghaly revealed her first artistic step after the success of the “nose transplant” surgery and the restoration of her ability to speak in a natural way, as she agreed to complete the filming of her role in the movie “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, whose filming was interrupted a long time ago due to Houria’s medical crises.
The film belongs to the category of thriller and action films, as it reveals the role of the British occupation,
The film “Innocence of Raya and Sakina”, co-starring Houria Farghali, Menna Fadali, Ahmed Mounir, Ashraf Moselhi, Mohsen Mansour and Ashraf Tolba, and from the story, script and dialogue by Ahmed Ashour, and directed by the Syrian Abdel Qader Al-Atrash.

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