Here are some diseases that may cause constant thirst

Some diseases cause permanent thirst in humans, especially in the summer when the heat is high and a large amount of water is wasted when sweating.
One of these diseases is dry mouth, where smoking, quality of food, and taking some medications are among the main causes of dry mouth.
Diabetes is also considered a strong cause of permanent thirst, and one of its symptoms is that it causes a person to urinate several times, which decreases the amount of water in the body.
Also, diabetes insipidus, an uncommon disorder that leads to an imbalance of fluids in the body.
Anemia is also considered one of the diseases that cause thirst, as those who suffer from anemia struggle to produce enough healthy red blood cells, which makes the body struggle to get oxygen. And the body loses red blood cells at a rapid rate, making it need more fluids.
Diet and exercise are also considered constant thirst culprits.

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