Health experts warn of disasters heating bread

Health experts have warned of the danger of heating bread, whether in the microwave or on a fire.

According to the Egyptian nutrition expert, Saeed Metwally, “The bread is made of starchy substances, and upon exposure to a high temperature, the color of the bread changes as a result of the destruction of its components of starch, turning into substances with a harmful effect on the body that may reach cancer if the bread is enriched with fat.”

expert explained that when the bread is exposed to a high fire temperature, it causes some toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide to leak inside it to become one of its components, which negatively affects the digestive system, causing stomach ulcers, colon, indigestion and also causes an imbalance in the body’s immune system. More susceptible to rheumatism, rheumatoid and hepatovirus diseases such as virus A.

expert pointed out that heating bread inside the microwave exposes it to some harmful radiation, including “pylolayer rays”, which are among the causes of cancer, and here the risk of using the microwave to heat or preserve food temperature “by radiation” is due. The expert considered that the best way to eat bread is when it is fresh, and if it is frozen, it must be left completely until the freezing is completed naturally, after which it is heated on the fire after there is a metal barrier that is not rusty “like stainless” and is constantly stirring in order to keep from changing its color and burning Any of its components.


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