Health benefits of tabbouleh:

Parsley: Parsley contains calcium, which is good for the bones in a greater amount than milk and vitamin A, which is good for the eyes. Parsley also contains more iron, phosphorous, and vitamin C than oranges
Bulgur: a good source of fiber that absorbs harmful substances from the intestine and excretes them with waste
Peppermint: useful remedy for colic and stomach in general
Tomatoes: They contain many vitamins, reduce acidity of the blood and contribute to the prevention of cancer.
Lemon: Good for the heart, clears the body from toxins, protects against colds, appetite suppresses, and strengthens immunity against diseases.
Onions: It adjusts the level of sugar in the blood, and is considered an antibiotic for many diseases, tonic for hair, and is resistant to cancerous tumors.
Olive oil: It prevents hair loss, lowers cholesterol in the blood, is good for the heart and arteries, and among the benefits of olive oil is that it also protects against malignancies.

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