Have you tried to give up your smartphone .. This is what will happen!

Smartphones have become a part of our lives that is difficult to give up, as those who take this step will feel that they are cut off from the world.
But what are the physiological symptoms that may be caused by abandoning the smartphone, as a recent study revealed that addiction to the use of smartphones causes serious chemical disorders to the brain, causing a state of severe anxiety and fatigue.
And the researchers found that people addicted to phones and the Internet, may be exposed to damage to various brain functions, and become anxious.
A report published by “Bright Side” website stated that we touch our phones 2,617 times a day, indicating that some symptoms appear on the body when you stop using smartphones, some people have phobias, as many smartphone addicts suffer from depression and anger.
Others develop anxiety, fear, panic and loneliness, when leaving the smartphone, in addition to respiratory changes, sweating, confusion, and tachycardia.
Some suffer from the effects of withdrawal and its symptoms, which are changes in mood and behavior, while some first develop nausea and headache.

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