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Hamas: We refuse to postpone the elections

The Palestinian “Hamas” movement announced today, Thursday, its refusal to postpone the general elections, accusing the Palestinian Authority of postponing them for “subjective reasons.”
The movement said in a statement that Fatah and the leadership of the Authority are fully responsible for the postponement decision and its repercussions, noting that it “represents a coup against the path of national partnership and consensus, and it is not permissible to subordinate the entire national situation and popular and national consensus to the agenda of a particular faction.”
Hamas stated, “Hamas boycotted this meeting because it knew in advance that Fatah and the authority were going to disrupt the elections for other accounts that had nothing to do with the issue of Jerusalem. We made it clear yesterday to the Fatah leadership during an official call that we are ready to participate in today’s meeting if it is dedicated to discussing ways.” And the mechanisms for imposing elections in Jerusalem despite the occupation. “
The movement indicated the Palestinian factions, political and civil forces to “nationally colliding to lay down a national road map that ends the state of exclusivity and achieving national unity on sound and solid foundations that ensure the completion of comprehensive political reform, directing all efforts towards resisting the occupation and engaging with it at all levels and in all arenas.”

For his part, Abbas said in a televised speech: “There is no concession on Jerusalem, nor a concession on the people’s exercise of their democratic right in Jerusalem,” adding: “Israel has decided to kill the Arabs in Jerusalem and we will not allow it to do so.”


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