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Hala Sidqi enters the “house of obedience” with conditions

The artist, Hala Sidqi, denounced her husband’s request to enter the house of obedience, and declared her consent because she is committed to the law even if it does not apply to her because of “religion,” but she set a condition for accepting his request, which is his return from America to Egypt, and to establish a house for her because he asked her to obey in his father’s house. Her Christianity does not recognize divorce, and it does not contain what is known as the house of obedience, but the father of her children tries to provoke her with legal tricks, and he knows that she will not respond to her out of respect for his character.
The man Benfared always added with different and varied issues, as he has this creativity in fabricating cases, although all the cases that he filed have lost all of them and only succeeded in reducing the children’s school expenses by nearly half.
Regarding her request in the house of obedience, she said: I am very committed and agreeing to an idea, but the question is when I married him, he was in my apartment, and when I gave birth to my children, they were also in my apartment, so how is the apartment remaining? He, as usual, is a template for the verse, the warning factor, on his father’s title as the matrimonial home.
She justified her husband’s resorting to tools abolished by law to his desire to search for fame, saying: There are people like that when they feel that the lights are on them trying to make an atmosphere so that the “media look” returns and I will help him in this ?! Hawa always Bekdeb. He wanted to take children to public schools, and he claimed that he was not against his children traveling to the United States, even though he refused to renew American passports.

It is noteworthy that Hala Sidqi announced yesterday that she had received a warning of obedience from her husband Sameh Sami, despite the latter’s announcement of her divorce in a live video broadcast through his social media accounts. Hala ridiculed the legal request, confirming that it is bad news for all those who applied for her hand in marriage.

Hala posted on her official account on Instagram, an official picture of the warning she received to obey her husband and the father of her two children, and commented, saying: Bad news for all those who came to me, so the husband asked me in the obedience house, even though it was the last month that he made a video and divorced me in it, and it is true in America. And I am in Egypt, so its shape will be obedience online.
A large number of her followers expressed their surprise at the application of the obedience warning to Hala Sidqi despite her Christian religion, and she responded that it is legally subject to Islamic law in personal status because it is the source of legislation in Egypt, except in the case of divorce.
Sameh did not explain how he would divorce Hala Sidqi, despite the fact that their marriage took place inside the Egyptian Church, which does not allow divorce except in rare cases and with a special permission from it, but he confirmed that he divorced Hala Sidqi to end a long struggle between them in the courts over the past period.

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