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Ghada Abdel Razek: I swear by the Quran

The skeptical artist, Ghada Abdel Razek, demanded a Quran to swear that she is now only 50 years old, and that she will reach the age of 51 next July, and confirmed that she is forced to show the official national number card soon to obtain the first dose of the Corona virus vaccine, and her age is written according to official documents It is unreasonable to go with a fake card.
She also added, in statements from a symposium held recently to honor Ghada about all of her artistic works: I tell the truth, I do not lie, I do not hide my true age, and I do not know why people are not satisfied to believe that I am only 50 years old.
Ghada explained the secret of her anger at some critics who had negative impressions of her latest series, “Meat deer,” saying: The critic is supposed to advise me, not attack me.
She also said: What is written sometimes has nothing to do with criticism, but the goal behind it is personal and not artistic.

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