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France rebukes leaders of Lebanon !!

About 6 months after the devastating explosion that shook the port of Beirut, Paris directed sharp criticisms closer to reprimanding the leaders of Lebanon for failing to fulfill the obligations they adopted before French President Emmanuel Macron.

In a recorded message, Paris’ ambassador to Beirut, Anne Griot, said that the horrific explosion turned the lives of the Lebanese upside down, recalling the efforts made by France after the explosion, stressing that France continues to provide aid to Lebanon in light of the comprehensive closure measures and the deteriorating epidemiological situation due to the outbreak Corona virus, while the country is going through an “economic, social and political crisis that we do not see an end to.”

And she continued, “Six months after the explosion, it is unacceptable that the Lebanese are still waiting for answers from their leaders … It is unacceptable that Lebanon is still without a government to respond to the health and social crisis and to start implementing the necessary structural reforms for the country’s recovery and stability.”

French ambassador stated that the commitments made by the leadership of Lebanon to Macron are still a dead letter, adding: “It is unacceptable to continue relying on the steadfastness of the Lebanese men and women who are looking for quality treatment, food and education, and who expect to live together with dignity in their country.” .

Greau stressed that the French “have not forgotten the Lebanese, and that their French and collective responsibility is essential.” She addressed the leaders of Lebanon, saying: “Have the courage to work, and France will help you.”


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