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Fifi Abdo is in the process of healing

The Egyptian actress, Vivi Abdo, reassured her fans of her health a month after she underwent a delicate back surgery, and confirmed that her health suffering would soon end, pointing out that she was waiting for one small step, and then she would recover fully and return to her fans.
And she said: O group, the world must walk, and I thank our Lord, I mean, salvation is worthy of a small need, God willing, and we will remain good thanks to our Lord, glory be to Him, and thanks to your prayers for me.

Fifi Abdo denied what was reported about her entering the intensive care room, adhering to the veil, and announcing her retirement after circulating her image inside the hospital, and she said: I am fine, praise be to God, and the whole issue is that I took a wrong injection and touched the back.

And Fifi Abdo continued: I want to tell you that I am dressed like this from the cold, on the idea of ​​so that the rumors are nullified, a need for resuscitation and a need for a veil, unless our Lord wants.


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