Strikes a nerve

Existence – Fate creates a double-edged meeting for you

Fate creates a double-edged meeting for you !!!

Where the approach becomes delicious and careful !!!

Moving away has an impossible language !!!

Tremble between words with passion !!!

But the simple lines routinely tempt you, provoking all my insensitivity !!!

Longing dueled on the threshold of oblivion !!!

Reality conspires against you !!!

You find yourself involved in the act of life !!!

Feeling reckless !!!

You enter a messy hallway !!!

But it tempts you !! Shake what remains of your fortitude !!

Here you are committing intentional approach or starvation !! No difference Are there a difference ???

Trying to be arrogant !! no avail!!

Trembling as if you were just born !! From the womb of his hands !!

How can you resist so much life !!!

Death made you tired and did not kill you !!!

How can you overcome the desire to scream … the grace of crying … the curse of purity …

How can you not bless that meeting !!!

Here is silence begetting speech !!!

Eliminates paper dust !!!

And the rain begins to take off from the ground to the sky !!!

Here you are sprinkling fate with a heart that I thought was dead !!!

I killed him … I mourned him … I buried him … his weeping !!!

So that Al Wasl saloon comes to you in a hurry and without time

Here you identify between existence and being !!!

Are you tired of yawning being present !!!

The time has come !!!

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