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Egypt’s statement regarding Ethiopia’s statements

Egypt revealed its rejection of the statements of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, about building new dams in his country, considering that they hit the rules of international law completely.
The spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Hafez, said in a statement issued today, Monday, that “Egypt rejects what was stated in the statements of the Ethiopian Prime Minister … about Ethiopia’s intention to build a number of dams in different regions of the country, stressing that this statement reveals Again on Ethiopia’s bad faith and its treatment of the Nile River and other international rivers that it shares with neighboring countries, as if they were internal rivers subject to its sovereignty and harnessed to serve its interests. “
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman considered that “the statements of the Ethiopian Prime Minister are nothing but a continuation of the unfortunate Ethiopian approach that strikes against the wall with the applicable rules of international law that regulate the use of international rivers and which impose on Ethiopia to respect the rights of other countries bordering these rivers and not harm their interests.”
Abe said that Ethiopia will build more than 100 small and medium water dams, in different regions of his country, in the coming new fiscal year, coinciding with the continuing severe crisis between Addis Ababa, Cairo and Khartoum due to the issue of the Ethiopian Renaissance Support.

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