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Egypt and France sign a contract to buy

French Defense: A deal to sell 30 Rafale jets to Egypt will help preserve 7,000 jobs for 3 years

French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly said that the deal to sell 30 Rafale jets to Egypt will help preserve 7,000 jobs in France over a 3-year period.
The Egyptian government also announced, this evening, Monday, that an agreement has been reached with its French counterpart to supply 30 “Rafale” fighter aircraft.
The spokesman emphasized that the contract was signed by the Egyptian Armed Forces and the French “Dassault Aviation” company. He pointed out that the concluded contract will be funded through a financing loan with a minimum duration of 10 years.
Egypt and France had concluded in 2015 a contract to supply 24 Rafale aircraft, and it was for the Egyptian Air Force
Today, Monday, the French government announced that the discussions with the Egyptian side regarding the “Rafale” deal are in a very advanced stage, and that the announcement of it “may be very soon.”
A spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Defense affirmed that “the Rafale aircraft are distinguished by high combat capabilities as well as possessing an advanced armament system, high maneuverability, and the multiplicity of their weapons systems, in addition to being distinguished by an advanced electronic warfare system that enables them to carry out all the tasks entrusted to them.” Competently and ably. ”

In addition to being one of the most famous long-range war fighters, developed by France in 2006, and other countries contracted to buy it, most notably Egypt and India.
The French plane has a speed of Mach 1.8 (1.8 the speed of sound), or the equivalent of 1912 km / hour, indicating that its range reaches 3,700 km.
The French fighter can fly at altitudes exceeding 15 thousand meters, and it can change the flight altitude (vertical flight) at a speed of 300 meters per second.
The length of the French fighter is 15.27 meters, the span between the wings is 10.8 meters, and it weighs 10.3 tons.


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