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“documents” condemn Trump !!


MI-6 agent Christopher Steele handed over to the FBI a second file with “documents” condemning the former US president, Donald Trump.

British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” revealed, citing private sources, that Steele handed over to the FBI a second file containing documents against Trump after he took office as US President in January 2017 and included information that was not subject to scrutiny and analysis

According to the newspaper, the file transferred to the “FBI” information alleged about contacts between the former director of Trump’s election campaign, Paul Manafort, and Russia.

 report stated that the file handed over by Steele said that “Moscow has additional guarantees regarding Trump’s intimate relations.”

newspaper pointed out that the contents of the second file differed from the information contained in the first file, indicating that the FBI had questioned Steele in September 2017, where he confirmed that it has a new network of sources that collect information of interest

Several Western reports have previously confirmed that Steele, who runs an independent company in London, obtained money from the National Committee for the US Democratic Party and the election campaign to compete with Trump in the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton


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