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Dina El-Sherbiny celebrates Amr Diab’s daughter

The star Dina El-Sherbiny sent a special message to Nour, the daughter of star Amr Diab and artist Sherine Reda, to celebrate her birthday, to reaffirm the existence of a special friendship relationship between Dina and Nour, unlike her relationship with the rest of Amr Diab’s children, as Dina ignored any message of support for Amr Diab’s Jana in Her recent crisis with hyperkinetic disease.

Dina published a recent photo of Nour Amr Diab through her account on the Instagram website and commented on it, saying: Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl. I wish you all happiness and success.. You deserve all the success, my love. You know how much I love you.

Nour immediately replied to the congratulations, saying: Thank you for the wonderful post, my love. You are very nice and you are literally an angel.

Some of Dina’s fans expected that the reason for the publication would be her return to Amr Diab, especially since some recently circulated a picture of Dina’s lookalike near Amr Diab in a private party, but the truth is that there is a special friendship between Nour and Dina, since the first initiated to support the latter’s relationship with her father and celebrated her during her visit. The first to London, and the bonds of love supported Sherine Reda Dina El-Sherbiny on more than one occasion.


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