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Corona statistics in Israel surpass those of China

A report by the Israeli website “Ynet” revealed that the cumulative number of people infected with Coronavirus in Israel reached 712078 as of this morning, while the deaths reached 5266 cases at a rate of 0.74%, which means one death in every 135 people infected with Corona, as shown by the numbers in China A cumulative number of injured people was recorded, reaching 89,734, and the number of deaths reaching 4,636.

According to the statistics, Jerusalem is the city with the most recorded injuries, with 114,329 diagnosed, compared to the whole of China, where only less than 90,000 injuries were diagnosed, while the number of deaths in Jerusalem is the highest in Israel, reaching 754 as of Wednesday.

Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel revealed that the death toll from the Corona epidemic in Israel may be much higher than the announced figures.


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