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China announces confronting an American destroyer … and Washington denies

China announced that it had confronted an American destroyer in a disputed area in the China Sea, in the first incident since President Joe Biden assumed his duties, while the US Navy denied the validity of this news.

China said that its navy had ordered an American warship to leave the region, and the Chinese army explained that the US destroyer, “USS John McCain”, entered “the territorial waters of the Sheesha Islands without permission,” referring to the islands known as the Paracel Islands, the small archipelago of small atolls. ..

However, after this news, the spokesman for the US Pacific Fleet, Lieutenant James Adam, said that the destroyer John McCain “was never expelled from the lands of any other country.”

He said that “the US destroyer carried out this operation, which falls within the framework of freedom of navigation in accordance with international law, and then continued its normal operations in international waters.”


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