Know risks of overeating garlic

Although the advice of health and nutrition experts confirms the necessity of eating garlic because of its many nutritional benefits,…

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most important nutritional advice for pregnant women

nutritionist stressed the need to adhere to a number of nutritional advice during pregnancy, and presented a set of nutritional…

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Learn foods and habits that are most harmful to bones

Time and time again, the health news confirmed that the effect of the individual’s diet is reflected in his health,…

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Health experts warn of disasters heating bread

Health experts have warned of the danger of heating bread, whether in the microwave or on a fire. According to…

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Amazing benefits of eating onions daily

A Russian specialist in nutrition and health, Mikhail Ginsburg, advised that a small onion should be consumed daily due to…

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Find out the best weight loss app

Following a healthy, balanced and proper diet, an effective method recommended by doctors, in order to properly distribute food and…

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The ‘Perfect’ Fried Chicken Recipe

The winning chef of the MasterChef and Chef Olli Martin talked about how to cook fried chicken “at the restaurant…

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Beware the dangers of these nutrients on the kidneys

Doctor Alexander Miasnikov talked about the types of foodstuffs that could cause an increase in the formation of stones in…

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Learn a healthy way to eat honey

A new study revealed the amount of honey that a person can eat per day, without harming health, and how…

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Coffee and longevity !!

Coffee is the preferred drink for many during daily life, especially in the early morning hours, with the aim of…

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