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By reciprocating Germany, Sweden and Poland expel Russian diplomats

Within the framework of the “reciprocity” policy, Germany, Sweden and Poland announced the expulsion of 3 Russian diplomats.

In a statement, the German Foreign Ministry said it declares an employee of the Russian Embassy in Berlin persona non grata “in accordance with the Vienna Agreement on Diplomatic Relations, which was concluded on April 18, 1961.”

ministry confirmed that this measure is a response to Russia’s decision on February 5 to expel 3 diplomats from Germany, Sweden and Berlin, describing it as “absolutely unjustified.”

In turn, Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde said that his country expelled an employee of the Moscow embassy in Stockholm, adding: “This is a clear response to the unacceptable decision to expel a Swedish diplomat who was only carrying out his duties.”

Polish Foreign Ministry stated that it had taken a decision, within the framework of the principle of reciprocity and in coordination with Germany and Sweden, to declare an employee of the Russian Consulate General in Poznan as persona non grata.

She indicated that this measure comes “in response to the expulsion of a Polish diplomat without any respectable reason” by the Russian side.


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