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Bushra challenges Jennifer Aniston

The Egyptian star Bushra interacted with the historical episode of the Friends series, starring Jennifer Aniston, and published a composite image of the series’s heroes in the last episode titled “Reunion”, with a picture of her accompanied by the stars Amir Karara and the meeting of Al-Khamisi from the series “Youth Online” with a hint For the possibility of presenting a similar episode that brings together the stars of the series.
Bushra published the photo through the Astori feature on her account on Instagram, and commented on it in a comic manner bearing the character of the challenge, saying: They are not better than us .. You will receive you and we will answer more men too.

Sit-com “Shabab Online” is an Egyptian comedy series of which only 3 parts were shown. The first part was shown in 2002 in only 15 episodes directed by director Hala Khalil, starring Ahmed El-Fishawy, Bushra, Sherif Hamdy, Amir Karara, and the meeting of Al-Khamisi, Khaled Saleh. And Ahmed Makki, who is from the light comedy series, and the series revolves around five friends who have a company and a servant.

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