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Britain records a decrease in Corona’s toll

Today, Sunday, the British Ministry of Health recorded 1926 cases and 4 new deaths from the Corona virus, which causes the “Covid-19” infection.
The Ministry stated, in a new statistic, that the number of recorded infections with the Coronavirus in the country during the past 24 hours increased by 1926, bringing the total cases to the level of 4450777.
This comes after the index of new infections in the Coronavirus in Britain on May 12 reached 2,284 cases, on May 13, 2657, on May 14, 2193, and on May 15, 2027.
The ministry also stated that during the day of 4 new deaths resulting from the disease, the number of victims of the pandemic in the country reached 127,679 people, after the indicator on May 12 reached 11 cases, and on May 13 as well, 11 died, and on May 14, 17, and on May 15, 7 people died. .

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