Beverages to help you fast

A high

temperature during fasting days leads to dry mouth, as saliva secretion decreases, which causes an inconvenience for some, but there are drinks that reduce dry mouth during fasting.

fresh Juices Eating natural juices between Iftar and Suhoor meals, such as bananas, strawberries, grapes, and guavas, helps to secrete saliva significantly and reduces dry mouth during fasting. Licorice Licorice is the main drink in Ramadan for many in the Arab world because of its benefits in reducing dry mouth, because it contains a large percentage of potassium, which maintains the fluid balance in the body, in addition to its ability to control blood pressure, regulate heartbeat and stimulate blood circulation. the milk The lactic acid present in milk works to keep the mouth moist during fasting, if it is consumed during the pre-dawn meal, according to the “consultant” website. water Drinking 8 cups of water between breakfast and the pre-dawn meal, moisturizes the mouth and protects the body from dehydration during fasting hours.


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